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Stealth Adventures Team

The kill is the satisfying, indeed essential, conclusion to a successful hunt.

But, I take no pleasure in the act itself. One does not hunt in order to kill, but kills in order to have hunted. Then why do I hunt?

I hunt for the same reason my well-fed cat hunts...because I must, because it is in the blood, because I am the descendant of a thousand generations of hunters.

I hunt because I am a hunter

Bow Hunting Supplies and Services

We offer the following services:

  • Bow Hunting Equipment
  • Hunting Farm Locator

Stealth Adventures News!

We are excited to announce the following:

Shooting Range

To enjoy a day on our shooting range you need to head over to Rooikraal Shooting Range (see here for map and address) and while you are there come visit the shop as well!